About Us

The Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) was established in 1985 to serve as an international network of organizations and individuals for the advancement of Holocaust education, remembrance and research. Among its functions and services are annual conferences held every June, a winter seminar at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum held every January, co-sponsorship of other conferences and seminars, a listserv for members, a website and the publication of an annual directory. There are also regional branches which meet independently. 

The AHO is governed by a nine-member board of directors, which is elected by and from the membership at its annual business meeting. The term of office is three years. The AHO is run on a voluntary basis. Membership dues cover the expenses of the organization.

The Board of Directors:

Dr. William L. Shulman, President
Hollis, New York

Susan Myers, Vice-President
Houston, Texas

Sarah Weiss, Secretary
The Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jean Zeldin, Treasurer
Midwest Center for Holocaust Education
Overland Park, Kansas

Beth Seldin Dotan
Jezreel Valley, Israel

Dr. Marilyn Harran
The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education
Chapman University
Orange, California

Delila Simon
Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center
Seattle, Washington

Mark Weitzman
Simon Wiesenthal Center
New York, New York

Thomas White
Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Keene State College
Keene, New Hampshire